Returning to the mountains of northern Vietnam to investigate the mysterious abduction of his teenaged friends, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a local human trafficking crisis, and sparks an incredible series of events...

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In 2011 and 2012, three of my friends were kidnapped from Vietnam, trafficked into China, and sold to local men. They were 16 years old.

One of my friends escaped, and the other two simply disappeared. I returned to Asia to investigate their disappearances, risking my life to find them both in China.

By the time I found them, my friends had given birth in China. Still teenagers, each faced the heartbreaking choice between her child and her own freedom.

'Sisters For Sale' is an inspiring true story of hope, courage and freedom, with the power to make a real difference against the global human trafficking crisis.
'Sisters For Sale' is to be completed as a feature documentary in late 2017, and is also being developed as a 10-episode podcast by the BBC's Claire Harris - stay tuned for details!

"Thank you for your courage, your tenacity, and your willingness to do something beyond just talk about the tragedy that is human trafficking - I applaud you."
- Donnie Featherston

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