Returning to the mountains of northern Vietnam to investigate the mysterious abduction of his teenaged friends, an Australian filmmaker uncovers a local human trafficking crisis, and sparks an incredible series of events...

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Caught between a violent custom and a vicious criminal underworld, local women are betrayed, stolen and sold across the border in their thousands, taken as brides and prostitutes for Chinese men.

Against all odds, Ben succeeds in locating two of his teenaged friends in distant parts of China. Having given birth, each young woman faces the devastating choice between her child and her own freedom.

Ultimately, the young women must rely on their own courage and ingenuity to determine their own futures, transforming their personal tragedies into an incredible true story of hope, courage and self-determination.

An incredible true story with the intrigue of a thriller, 'Sisters For Sale' has the potential to make a very real impact on the public understanding of the global human trafficking crisis.

"Thank you for your courage, your tenacity, and your willingness to do something beyond just talk about the tragedy that is human trafficking - I applaud you." : Donnie Featherston

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