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 The Project is born (13th March 2013)

 New connections (19th March 2013)

 Blue Dragon Children's Foundation (24th March 2013)

 The logistics of the Project (25th March 2013)

 M's disappearance (28th March 2013)

The Project takes shape, and grows... (30th March 2013)

 Changing lives (1st April 2013)

 The next step (20th April 2013)

 CBC news segment (28th May 2013)

 Good news (10th June 2013)

 Meet Moreno and Patrice (14th June 2013)

 They're on their way! (20th June 2013)

Breaking the language barriers! (26th June 2013)

 Feel flows (19th July 2013)

Best laid plans (15th August 2013)

 Black Rock City (5th September 2013)

Poetry (6th September 2013)

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 Tsunami season (8th September 2013)

 Meet Wayan (10th September 2013)  

 A reason to believe (14th September 2013)  

 Meet Bedul (15th September 2013)  

 Meet Mangku Gede (18th September 2013)  

 Meet Dewa (19th September 2013)  

 Meet Salni and Sitra (21st September 2013)  

 Something special (25th September 2013)  

 Meet Amak Juni (28th September 2013)  

 Meet Wandi (30th September 2013)  

 Meet Chuchu and Ismet (2nd October 2013)  

 Meet Dian (6th October 2013)  


 Shadows, echoes, and reflections: three stories (13th October 2013)  


 Trying times (16th October 2013)  

Small folk (22nd October 2013)

Myanmar (Burma)

 Meet Wada (26th October 2013)

 Meet Itueh (30th October 2013)

 Meet Lin and Aung San Oo (3rd November 2013)

 Meet That Py Soe (5th November 2013)

 Meet U Kyaw Moe (6th November 2013)

 Meet Oakar, Ko, Thet, Kaung and Kaung (7th November 2013)

 Meet Phyu Chaw and Ei Ei Nyein (9th November 2013)

 Meet Nga San (12th November 2013)

 Meet Yinn Ae, Moun, Zin Moe and Cho Cho (13th November 2013)

 Meet Soe Nge, Daw Ae and Oo Khin (14th November 2013)

 Meet Pho Htay and Kyaw Zaw (14th November 2013)

 Meet That Py Oo, Ma Thien Mya, Myat Tili Mg and Moe Moe (17th November 2013)

 Meet Daw Hlaing, Ma Hlaing and Le Le Win (21st November 2013)

 Meet Ma Yin Yin Aye, Ma Khine and Ma Hlaing (21st November 2013)

 A minor hitch (23rd November 2013)

 Meet U Hla Boor (25th November 2013)


 Big news (14th December 2013)

A small correction (16th December 2013)

 Boxing day (26th December 2013)


 Meet Boukou, Khachei, Cho Phew, Loeh and Xacha (2nd January 2014)


 One kidnapped girl (14th January 2014)

 Spoiler alert (20th January 2014)

 Day One (24th January 2014)

 Incredible things (28th January 2014)

 Stand up (4th February 2014)

 Shut your eyes (6th February 2014)

 Something beautiful (11th February 2014)

 Looking up (19th February 2014)

 Happy birthday (24th February 2014)

 Two weeks (27th February 2014) 

 Hope and validation (4th March 2014)


 A silver lining (13th March 2014)

 Striking distance (17th March 2014)

 Title / art (19th March 2014)

 Meet Cheata, Vany and Takeh (21st March 2014)


 Humble heroes (25th March 2014) 

Counting down (27th March 2014)

 Make a difference (29th March 2014)

 Exclamation marks (30th March 2014)

 Thank you (4th April 2014)

A quick note (17th April 2014)


 Meet Zhe Mimi (29th April 2014)

 Meet P (2nd May 2014)

 Treading water (6th May 2014)

 Meet Yulu and Jiafa (8th May 2014)

 Meet Bingkun (10th May 2014)

 Meet Zhong Ming and Yu (12th May 2014)

 Meet Shi Ying, Zhong Guo and Bao Xing (15th May 2014)

 Meet Chuan Hou, Chang Xi and You Cun (17th May 2014)

 Strength of will (24th May 2014)

 This is why we fight (26th May 2014)

 How high the mountain is (28th May 2014)

 Courage (29th May 2014)

 Meet M (31st May 2014)

 Luck and persistence (4th June 2014)

 On the run (6th June 2014)

 A happy ending (7th June 2014)

 Meet Ayong and Zen Ga (9th June 2014)

 Hard luck (12th June 2014)


 Meet Saroj (15th June 2014)

 Meet Amma (20th June 2014)


 Meet Dawood (30th June 2014)

 Homeward bound (8th July 2014)

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The waiting game (20th July 2014)

 A long way from home (3rd August 2014)

 Civilisation (13th August 2014)

 On tenterhooks (20th August 2014)

Acceptance (22nd August 2014)

 Slow and steady (31st August 2014)


At a loss (17th September 2014)

 Stay positive (26th September 2014)

 RTZ (2nd October 2014)

 Hanging in the balance (7th October 2014)

 Into the fire (10th October 2014)

 A bird in the hand (14th October 2014)

Rough justice (19th October 2014)

 No secrets (21st October 2014)

 A glimpse of Asia (23rd October 2014)

 From the ashes (28th October 2014)

 A can of worms (30th October 2014)

 Beyond all limits (2nd November 2014)

 When roosters lay eggs (4th November 2014)

 M's dilemma (6th November 2014)

 M's dilemma II: Nowhere to turn (11th November 2014)

 M's dilemma III: Mountains beyond mountains (13th November 2014)

 M's dilemma IV: Burden in my hand (18th November 2014)

 M's dilemma V: A golden opportunity (20th November 2014)

 M's dilemma VI: Game over (25th November 2014)

 M's dilemma VII: Swirling uncertainties (29th November 2014)

 Losing my teeth (30th November 2014)

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Inspiration (11th December 2014)

 No rest for the wicked (28th December 2014)

 An incredible year (31st December 2014)

 A fire in the belly (8th January 2015)

Here we go again (19th January 2015)

How far we've come (20th January 2015)

 No news is good news (9th February 2015)

 Two dollars (12th February 2015)

Meet Ethos (15th February 2015)

Stay young (26th February 2015)

 For the win (4th March 2015)

 Making diamonds of coal (10th March 2015)

 A crisis of sorts (13th March 2015)

 Bargain Brides (17th March 2015)

 Who cares? (19th March 2015)

 About a girl (10th April 2015)

 Storytelling (21st April 2015)

 Shock (27th April 2015)

Aftershock (1st May 2015)

 Home (10th May 2015)

Shattered (25th May 2015)

 M's dilemma VIII: A twist in the tail (16th June 2015)

 M's dilemma IX: A case of mistaken identity (18th June 2015)

 M's dilemma X: Hunting the hunter (22nd June 2015)

 M's dilemma XI: Clever girl (25th June 2015)

 M's dilemma XII: On the border (30th June 2015)

 M's dilemma XIII: Broken wings (2nd July 2015)

 M's dilemma XIV: A new identity (7th July 2015)

 New strength (30th July 2015)

 Moving forward (29th September 2015)

 Battling on (2nd October 2015)

 Back to reality (9th October 2015)

 Back to reality II: Beautiful truths (23rd October 2015)

 Back to reality III: Shine a light (19th November 2015)

 Back to reality IV: Giving thanks (27th November 2015)

 A really long year (15th December 2015)

 Keep hope alive (14th January 2016)

 Back to reality V: Sing (29th January 2016)

 Back to reality VI: Understanding (9th February 2016)

 Viva la persistence (25th February 2016)

 Letting go (29th February 2016)

 Back to reality VII: Rebellion (4th March 2016)

 Many rivers to cross (10th March 2016)

 The diamond (14th April 2016)

 Having a party (18th April 2016)

 Symbiosis (21st April 2016)

 How a resurrection really feels (3rd May 2016)

Gathering momentum (19th May 2016)

Stopping the unstoppable (9th June 2016)

Back to reality: My country, my country (14th June 2016)

Back to reality: The oath (20th June 2016)

Back to reality: Citizenfour (29th June 2016)

 Keep my composure (7th July 2016)

 Listen up (19th July 2016)

 This is it (2nd August 2016)

Spreading roots (8th August 2016)

 Branching out (17th August 2016)

 Bearing fruit (25th August 2016)

 Step out (5th September 2016)

 Making it easy (7th September 2016)

 Marriage by abduction (15th September 2016)

 Anatomy of an abduction (20th September 2016)

 One more time (22nd September 2016)

 Surviving (28th September 2016)

 Betrayed (6th October 2016)

 Stolen (11th October 2016)

 Gratitude (13th October 2016)

 Sold (18th October 2016)

 The money men (29th October 2016)

 Coming through (7th November 2016)

Just breathe (2nd December 2016)

What a year (15th December 2016)

 Resolution (12th January 2017)

2017 (2nd February 2017)

 Beyond the waves (24th February 2017)

Continuity (13th April 2017)

 Like clockwork (4th May 2017)

Checking it twice (1st June 2017)

 A well-kept secret (26th June 2017)

 Poster girl (15th July 2017)

Torn apart (4th August 2017)

Making the grade (24th August 2017)

The final cut (11th September 2017)

 Almost killed me (18th September 2017)

A touch of colour (28th September 2017)

Speaking in tongues (6th November 2017)

 Keep your dreams (16th November 2017)

Into the labyrinth (25th November 2017)

 Good feeling (15th December 2017)

Balance (15th January 2018)

In the light (2nd February 2018)

 Five years (26th February 2018)

The colour and the shape (14th March 2018)

 Introducing the band (21st March 2018)

 Darker than blue (1st April 2018)

For real (19th April 2018)

Eyes on the prize (23rd April 2018)

Don't stop believing (30th April 2018)

We the people (23rd May 2018)

Better together (5th June 2018)

 Things left unsaid (27th June 2018)

 Talking 'bout a revolution (30th July 2018)

Keep the dream alive (20th August 2018)

 Pro-dialogue (28th August 2018)

The masterplan (10th September 2018)

 Preparation for launch (12th September 2018)

Into the music (21st September 2018)

Crunch time (11th October 2018)

 Galvanize (15th October 2018)

Ducks in a row (23rd October 2018)

 Afterall (29th October 2018)

Premiere (2nd November 2018)

Something to think about (8th November 2018)

 Respect (20th November 2018)

 For the first time today (28th November 2018)

Courage (6th December 2018)

Australian premiere (12th December 2018)

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