Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing criminal industries on Earth, with tens of millions of victims around the world.

'The Human, Earth Project' was launched by Australian filmmaker Ben Randall after his friends were kidnapped from Vietnam. Since early 2013, Ben has spent his time, skills and personal savings to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis, taking nothing in return.

Our continued work is made possible by donations from around the world, and your contribution will make a real difference:

For $5 or more, you'll receive a personal thank-you on 'The Human, Earth Project' website.
For $25 or more, you'll get digital access to our completed feature documentary, 'Sisters For Sale' (due for completion in 2017).
For $50 or more, your name will appear in the credits of 'Sisters For Sale'.
For $100 or more, you can choose to receive three high-quality photographic prints from 'The Human, Earth Project' (scroll down for details).
For $1,000 or more, you'll get a very special mention in the credits of 'Sisters For Sale'.
All figures are given in US dollars. Please advise if you'd like your contribution to remain anonymous. Australians can make tax-deductible contributions via the Documentary Australia Foundation here.

"We all thank you for making this world a better place." - Arash Bahremand

$25: Digital access to 'Sisters For Sale'
$50 or more: Digital access to 'Sisters For Sale', plus your name in the credits
All figures are given in US dollars. Please advise if you'd like your contribution to remain anonymous. Australians can make tax-deductible contributions via the Documentary Australia Foundation here.

"If I can't do it myself, I should at least support a guy with the heart, guts and brains who can." - Lucas Thacker

Three high-quality, 45x30cm (18x12") photographic prints of your choice are available for $100, including all postage and handling, a personal thank-you on 'The Human, Earth Project' website, digital access to 'Sisters For Sale' and your name in the credits.
A set of five prints are available for the special price of $150, including all of the above.
Prints can be selected from the image galleries, with details arranged by email after payment. Please note that prints are currently only available for Australian, European, and North American delivery addresses. Allow 2-4 weeks for processing and delivery.

"My prints are wonderful! Receiving them really made my day, week, month, and probably my entire year - I couldn't be happier!" - Myste Laquinta

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Contact Ben at:

'The Human, Earth Project' has been made possible only by the dedication of countless people from around the globe, especially:

Tracey Smith, whose incredible support during the formation of the Project made it possible.
Nick Randall, who was invaluable to the development of the Project and its website.
Sue Randall and Ella Hindmarsh, who kept the Project alive.
Moreno, who was responsible for camerawork and Italian translations during the search phase.
John Bardos and Barry O'Kane, who were instrumental in organising the 2014 crowdfunding campaign.
Michael Brosowski and Blue Dragon Children's Foundation, who played a key role during the search and rescue phases.
Phil and Hoa Hoolihan and ETHOS, who share a deep concern for the local communities of northern Vietnam.
Jaen Nieto Amat, Catherine Gibson, Qiuda Guo, Mireille Maheu, Maria Julia Ravera and the anonymous Hmong friend who assisted with translations.
Dr. Aart Teunissen, who provided survivor support during the rescue phase.
Chan, Dr. Aamir Bini Akbar, Charlie McRae and Michelle McCombs, who provided much-needed assistance during the search and rescue phases.
Gunumaya and Laksman Roka, Anemi Wick, Antoine Lobry and Sho Ly Thi, Chiara Andolina, Fabrizio Tatti, Habibi Lalu, Laura Navarro Lara, Luca Cunia and Amaia, Matt Randall, Suong Mai and Vincent Baumont, Noor Syuhada Abdul Ghani, and Toan Do Quoc, who have all provided the comforts of home at various times and places.
Michelle Imison, Sina Miakhail, Thais Vidal, Carola Irvine, Luca Cunia and Aju for assisting with data and equipment.
Claire Bannerman-Mott and Sammantha Mavin, who have assisted the Project from afar.
Ben Warren, whose skills have been vital in redeveloping the website.
Betheny Zolt, whose voice talents are featured on the original 'Sisters For Sale' trailer.
Belinda Bauer, Jeremy Delaplane, Tabea Donauer, Matthew Glen, Maria F. Leon, Dustin Main, Anthony Molyneaux, Hagai Peled, Kerstin Raitl, Jose Baena Ruiz, Andrew Sheldon and Tal Swissa for their assistance with 'Sisters For Sale'.
Simone Casu for spearheading the 2016 crowdfunding campaign, with the assistance of Thristina Kanka and Wei Yoong Ng.
Jess Edwards and Frederik Voss for allowing us to share Chris Tenz's hauntingly beautiful music.
Rita Schaad, Margaret Smith, Susan Callister and other members of the former Lambton/Mayfield Girl Guide Support Group for their fantastic fundraising work.
Benjamin George Griffin, Mike Hedlund, Myste Laquinta, Peter Limacher, Daniela Limacher-Lehner, Shubhang Mani, Jake Moore, Andrew Nicholls, Nick Randall, Susan Randall and Will Randall for being amazing human beings.

Musicians whose work has been featured in the Project's films include:

Joey Chang / Cello Joe
Rami Shaafi
Kosma Solarius
Michael Taylor
Chris Tenz

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who have helped to make 'The Human, Earth Project' a reality:

Josh A., Adrian Aarland, Danielle Luz Abeyta, Sue Abla, Scott Adair, Hussaini Said Adam, Kubo Adamcík, Allie Adams, Evi Adams, ADRA, Marco Agner, Nishith Agarwal, Samata Agrawal, Dani Aguadero, Everlyn Aguila, Jessie Agus, Mirza Abbas Ahmed, Dr. Aamir Bini Akbar, Sebastian Aker, Familien Aker-Warming, Vance Akins, Eva Akyol, Roddy Al Ghazali, Yasi Alamdari, Zulema Alaniz, Davide Alberti, Marco Alcoseba, Jenny Aldag, Maria Alexander, Elena Alfonso, Jamil Aljasir, Dani Allen, David F. Allen, Alliance Anti Trafic (AAT), Dianne Alonsagay, Love Blinoff Alwert, Omar Alzayed, Brigitte Amat, Jaen Nieto Amat, George Ambra, Paul Amechi, Seetha R. Amujula, Amanda Anastacio, Rasmus Andersen, Runar Andersstuen, Sandra & Marc Andre, Carol Ann, Alison Anselot, Antelino, Valeriya Anti, Matteus Arinaga, Sigríður Arnarsdóttir, Collin Arner, Daniel Yanes Arroyo, Anne Ashbrook, Leia Maria Astorga, Laila Atallah, Daniel Avellano, Carlin Aylsworth, Leila Azul, Adriano Azzarane, Sophie B., Mitchell Backhausen, Lucas Baethke, Andrea Baeumler, Arash Bahremand, Taraneh Bahremand, Hannah Bailey, Sarah Bailey, Numan Bajwa, Jasmine Baker, Lindsay Baker, Kelly Balaban, Aaron Ballesteros, Ronald Ian Bantayan, Patrick Barco, Ellen Bard, Mary Bard, John and Motoko Bardos, Maximillian Baria, Jo Barker, Lawrence Barlow, Jeremy Baron, Corbett Barr, Maura Barrett, Devon Bartelme, Simone Bartesaghi, Ben Battersby, Manon Baudry, Belinda Bauer, Rachael Regan Baugh, Amy Baum, Robin Baumgarten, Cezanelyn Bautista, Glen Bawden, Karl Beaudoin, Bernd Becker, Carolyn Beckett, Clifford Beddy, Tegan Bedford, Trevor Bedford, Gretchen Beerline, Gal Begun, Lieke Beijen, Mercedes Beltran, Anyamanee Bender, Debbie Bender, Carole Bennett, Hayley Bennett, Ivo Berg, Jamie Berg, Tova Berg, Ben Berger, Christine Berger, James Berger, Erik Bergström, Arielle Berk, Markus Bernsteiner, Paul Bevan, Matej Bezak, Hannah Bialic, Nicolas Bianchi, Nathan Biddle, Adin Biederman, Léo Binagot, Pham Thu Hai Binh, Carolyn Bird, Jawala Birdi, Maider Birett, Mads Birkeholm, Hailey Bishop, Dante Bisutti, Danielle Black, Carly Blackman, Christina Blair, Amanda Blake, Colleen Bland, Will Blayney, Christiana Blikstad, Tom Bliska, Este-Mari Bloem, Caroline Blyskal, Lola Boatwright, Jennifer C. Boatz, Nanci Bolas, Marlen Boller, Jess Bolton, Madeleine Bonneau, Erik Bonsaksen, Antal Borcsok, Anthony Borjas, Tamara Borland, Luca Borney, Etienne Boucher, David Boulton, Jacob Bowen, Alex Bowlin, Natalie Bowman, William Bradford, Cheree Bradshaw, Seth Braley, Herbert Braselton, Nathalie Brevard, Bob and Toni Brewer, Leonie Brok, Greg Brousseau, Edwin Brown, Nicholas Brown, Stacey Brown, Alice Brown-Dussault, Anna Browne, Frøya Juliane Brox, Daniel Brumleve, Jacqui Brunckhorst, Michael Brunner, Lydian Brunsting, Rachel Bryan, Anna Buchberger, Brian Buchheit, Ellen Tram Anh Vo Bui, Mai Bui, Truong Bui, Valentina Buk, Yannick Bülter, Santi Bunjamin, Lisa P. Burgdoff, Sarah Burke, Mary Burns, Adam Burton, Sean Busko, Eric Michael Butler, Noah Butler, Claudia Butnariu, Zoe Butt, Sarah Buttery, Josh Byrne, Gustaf Byström, Dan C., Sherry C., Nicole Cain, Sean Cain, Felicity Callander, Jeff Camp, Lisa Camp, Tilly Campbell, Anne Capararo, Jessica M. Carabajal, Mark R. Carle, Alessandra Carlino, Lisa Carlsson, Will Carney, Vanessa Carrasco, Phill Carrillo, Lacey Carroll, Megan Carroll, Tristan Carter, Lara Carvin, Elisabetta Casati, Torina Case, Angela Castles, Simone Casu, Cathy Caulfield, Isak Cederholm, Behzat Celik, Benedict Chambers, Allison Chan, Chloe Chan, Paul Chan, Xai Chang, Corentin Chappuis, Nektaria Charitaki, Jenny Chau, Megha Chaudhry, Anthony Chavigny, Pui Che, Clive Chen, Johnson Chen, Noah Chen, Christopher Cheng, Ragini Mae Gomonit Chengalath, Clement Cherlin, Claire Cherry, Christine Cheung, Francoise Chevalier, Renaud Cheyrou, Akchhara Chharom, Sovet Chheang, Arunima Chhikara, John Chia, Josh Chiarkas, Fiona Chiu, Mickey Choothesa, Kamfu Chou, Umang Choudhari, Isaac Christian, Anna Chrystie, Emily Chrystie, Heather Chrystie, Chu, June Y. Chu, Clyff Chung, Shelby Chung, Stan Churches, Bryan Clarke, Lance Clarke, Michael Clarke, Jess Clay, Brett Clements, Estian Coetzer, Melissa S. Cohen, Anna-Belle Collin, Robert Collins, Timothy Collins, Christina Colman, Jessica Colvin, Hugh Compton, Luke Conley, Nick Conneff, Julie Connolly, Mark Connors, Taylor Conroy, David Cook, Jordan Cooney, Jason Cooper, Jeremy Cooper, Jude and Ted Cooper, Kelly Cooper, Ron Cooper, Tara and Peter Cooper, Laura Coppin, Sarah Corbin, Lillian Cordingley, Clayton Cornell, Nicholas Corpuz, Verity Correll, Audrée-Anne Côté-Nolet, Paige Coulier, Cory & Samantha Crabtree, Jack Craig, Kathy Craigie, Ro Crane, Kendall Critch, Daniel Cromidas, Adrian Cullen, Keegan Curry, Emily Curtis, Jessica Czyz, Louie D'Agostino, Marcel da Silva, Jo Dance, Dung Dang, Gary Dang, Kien Dang, Nam Hoang Dang, Xuan Dang, Leah Daniel, Ade Darma, Sabya Das, Pauline Dass, Brandon Davidson, Brian Davidson, Melissa Davies, Natalie Davis, Natisha Davis, Sean Davis, Tanya Davis, Tobias J. Davis, Wendy Davis, Richard A. Davy, Zoey Daws, Roxanne de Bruyn, Alex de Klerk, Steven de Leeuw, Rob de Melker, Hubert de Murard, Nancy de Neuf Hall, Maxime de Varennes, Tanguy de Reymaeker, Charles de Vos, Mariska den Hollander, Anto Deepan, Jeremy Delaplane, Pieterjan Deleersnyder, Marlena Dell, Leandro Dellapaulera, Kayly Deneron, Gabriel Denny, Jan Detlefsen, Corey Detwiler, Jacqueline Dewitt, Delia Diaz, Rachel Dickens, Kayla Dickinson, Tifenn Diemunsch, Nina Dietz, Kevin Dinn, Hanna Distel, Melissa Dittrich, Maryjane Do, Jack Docherty, Romana Dockalova, Documentary Arts Asia, Alan Doherty, Colm Doherty, James Doherty, Jessie Doherty, Mary Doherty, Niall Doherty, Kimberly Dolores, Glynis Donaldson, Josh Doran, Davi dos Santos Plaza, Jen Dossetti, Alex Douglas, Susan Dowell, Henry Downs, Nikola Draca, Tricks Drummer, Lukas Dryzmalla, Nam Du, Jim Duehr, Ruth Dudek, John Dues, Sophie Dufresne, Lacie Dull, Jennifer Duncan, Matt Dunfee, Miłosz Dunikowski, Claire Dunaway, Zachary Dunn, Nora Dunn, Holly Dunye, Ba Duong, Eloise Duvillier, Mateusz Dworzanczyk, Andreas Dzung, Haedan Eagar, Catriona Easton, Bri Edwards, Dominic Edwards, Janet Edwards, Jess Edwards, Joe Edwards, Joshua Edwards, Sonja Ehinger, Kenneth Ehrenberg, Darin Eisenzimmer, Ragnhild Eklund, Meagan Eli, Ruth Elisabeth, Amber Laurel Elliott, Scott Ellis, Peter Emanuelsson, Samantha Emery, Nathan Emmerson, Bryan Eng, Gerick Engle, Daniel Enström, Gou Erwa, Robert Erwin, Russell Erwin, Manolo Eschmann, Rino Esposito, Clementine Essex, Erin Ewer, Katie Evans, Wesley Evans, Rhys David Eyles, Monica Faberman, Danielle Fagerstrom-Girgis, Ashton Falk, Leanne Falkowsky, Daniel Fallon, Jon Henry Marvin Faltis, Kimberly Fang, Emily Fantasy, Marta Farina, Johan Fast, Charly Feldman, Amanda Fennell, Dorothy Ferguson, Giacomo Ferraris, Gary Fiddes, Miriam Fife, Jonathan Finch, Andreas Fischer, Nathan Fish, Jessie Fisher, Dan Fitzgibbon, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Vincent Fitzpatrick, Margaret Fix, Amy Flaherty, Gaelan Flaherty, Kelly Flaherty, Kelly Flewelling, Katarina Flickinger, Ethan Flood, Ashley Floyd, FOCUS/TRAFCORD, Milandon Foley, Ian Fong, Melanie Fong, Amara Fonseca, Shawn Foong, Tiffany Ford, Lauren Forster, Ingrid Fossum, Marisa Fox, Keith J. 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