An Australian filmmaker returns to Asia to find 100 local people he photographed five years earlier, to see them as more than just faces or numbers...
Most of these 100 people are poor and poorly educated: the demographic most at risk of human trafficking. Ben set out to learn their stories, to understand what makes them so vulnerable.
After an epic overland journey, Ben found no less than 80 of the 100 people he was searching for, witnessing their strength and resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity.
One of those people was Amak Juni, an Indonesian man who had spent three years working as a slave on a Malaysian palm oil plantation. Amak Juni had sought work legally in Malaysia in the hope of providing a better future for his infant daughter.
Ben was with Amak Juni's family when he escaped Malaysia, risking a dangerous and illegal voyage home.
The 'Epic' stories will be released as a series of documentaries to raise awareness of the global human trafficking crisis. More funds are needed to continue this work, and your contribution will make a real difference:

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"Thank you for making me recognise how beautiful humans are." - Ara Jo

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