Raising awareness
of the global human trafficking crisis.


Raising awareness
of the global human trafficking crisis.
Screenwave International Film Festival '19. 10-15th January.

Human Trafficking ensnares millions of people into modern-day slavery, many of whom are sexually exploited.


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#MeToo: Now what?

Six years ago, after my friends were kidnapped, I launched 'The Human, Earth Project' to raise awareness of human trafficking. My work with human trafficking soon led me to an even larger issue, which affects us all directly: the issue of women's rights. For the past...

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Fire it up

Our Australian premiere of ‘Sisters for Sale’ took place last Wednesday 16th January at Screenwave International Film Festival in Coffs Harbour. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. On one hand, I knew the Screenwave team were extremely well-organised and they’d put together a fantastic 16-day program. On the other hand, Coffs Harbour – with its beaches and banana groves – seemed like a strangely provincial location for such a large film festival.

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Back in black

Four weeks ago, thanks to a massive technical failure and a consistent error in creating backups, I lost our feature documentary, 'Sisters for Sale'.  Yesterday, thanks to Laco Gaal and Dave Imison, I was finally able to reconstruct the film, which means we can now go...

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Thank you for your courage, your tenacity, and your willingness to do something beyond just talk about the tragedy that is human trafficking – I applaud you.

- Donnie Featherston -

Supporter of The Human, Earth Project

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